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  • Who we are?

    We are Think Simple, a design and branding agency with partners worldwide. We design thoughtful digital experiences and beautiful brand aesthetics.

    Standing firm on the solution offerings for custom requirements, our teams continuously spend time in the R&D Lab for developing out-of-box ideas and development frameworks. We use agile methodology for faster delivery and smart architectures for achieving our goal of 100% client satisfaction.

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    • Define

      Without the perfect plan, calculating the strengths and weaknesses of the project, development of software is meaningless. Planning kicks off a project flawlessly and affects its progress positively.

    • Design

      Once the analysis is complete, the step of designing takes over, which is basically building the architecture of the project. This step helps remove possible flaws by setting a standard and attempting to stick to it.

    • Build

      The actual task of developing the software starts here with data recording going on in the background. Once the software is developed, the stage of implementation comes in where the product goes through a pilot study to see if it’s functioning properly.

    • Launch

      Once the software passes through all the stages without any issues, it is to undergo a maintenance process wherein it will be maintained and upgraded from time to time to adapt to changes.

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  • What we do?

    We take pride in what we do. Our services are designed to help your business stand out and turn your ideas into digital realities.

    • Brand Identity

      Choose its name, designs its logo, uses colors, shapes, and other visual elements in its products and promotions, rafts the language in its advertisement, train employees to interact with customers

    • Illustration

      We put vector graphics/illustrations. The way the images are produced allows scaling them up and down to any size, without any quality loss.

    • Marketing

      Meetups, Conferences, Blogging, Presentations, Social media, Q/A Forums (like Moz Q/A), Engaging in online conversations (forums, blog commenting, social media)

    • Photography

      Portrait Photography, Still Life Photography, Landscape Photography, Food Photography, Sports Photography, Wildlife Photography, Macro Photography, Event Photography, Fashion Photography Newborn Photography, Street Photography, Photojournalism, Documentary Photography, Stock Photography, Weather Photography, Architectural Photography, Long Exposure Photography.

    • UI/UX Design

      Seperating UI UX. UX design refers to user experience design, while UI design stands for user interface design. Both of these are crucial to an IT product and need to work closely together. Despite being very integral to each other, the roles themselves are quite different, involving distinct processes.

    • Frontend Design

      Frontend design involves creating the HTML, CSS, and presentational JavaScript code that makes up a user interface. Let's face this, the relationship between designers and the developers who execute their designs can be rocky.

Convert Complicated to Simple

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Get your own

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    Student Management System

    Manages all activities of each and every student. 360 degree view of student in portal.

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    School Management System

    Covers all aspects from walkin enquiry to exam, report cards, cholarships etc.

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    College Management System

    It is an easy to use management system covering all departmenal aciviies, admission to examinaion.

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    Library Management System

    It is a dynamic manages categorising, issue/return, generate defaulter student etc.

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    Employee Management System

    Easy to use EMS enables you to manage asssigning task, deadlines, progress, salary etc effecively.

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    Hostel Management System

    HMS covers all activities starting from Hostel Admission, Asigning Room, Messing, Fees fines and so on.

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    Inventory Management System

    IMS is a platform where you can manage stock, transfer request, status, stock audit etc.

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    Online Examination System

    OES is an dynamic platform to perform examination in online by easily settting question and sending report cards in very less time.

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    Institute Management System

    This system manages activity from walking enquary to admission, fees, schedule, salary of teachers, examinations, marksheets to certificaes.

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    Office Management System

    OMS enables you to manage all the activiies of an office by poral, it manages all the data-information to your required output.

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    Leave Management System

    LMS manages leaves of all the stoke holders, applying leaves, approve/reject, assign leaves etc are manages by this system.

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    Hotel Management System

    Easy generation of timetable, assign teacher, teacher substitution, subject subsitution makes this module dynamic and time effecive.

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